Create Conversation: Tori Tyson 

The softball community, although small in comparison to the rest of the world, is growing at a rapid rate. This community is full of strong and powerful people who are passionate about making the softball world better.

Tori Tyson is one of those people.

As the current head coach at Howard University, Tori has an unbridled passion for her athletes. What I love the most is that her passion goes far beyond the softball field. Her commitment to helping these young women grow takes root on and off the field. Tori’s desire for the athletic growth of her players is only surpassed by her desire for their personal growth. It is bigger than softball.

Tori’s passion is to empower these women to live confidently and be successful leaders in their future careers. She wants these women to BE the change. As I spoke to Tori about her passions and her perspective on change within our own softball community, I was enlightened and inspired.

“I want women to look at me and feel like they can do it…and not just because it’s easy, but just because we are that dang strong!” Tori said.

In the current social climate of the world, we need to have more conversations around difficult topics. We need to educate ourselves so that we can all help create positive action-plans moving forward. The best way to start these conversations and create even a small change is within our own communities. Our softball community.

Listen to my full interview with Tori Tyson here.

As an athlete myself, I have played with people of all races and backgrounds. But, honestly, until recently I was not aware of some of the issues that people, specifically black women, in our own softball community were facing. Speaking with Tori, we were able to have a conversation about some of these issues and how we can start to create change within our sport.

Tori is a “go-getter,” a trailblazer, and one of the strongest women I have had the honor of learning from. The impact she has on her athletes and the rest of the softball community is powerful. I am confident that her impact will continue to grow because of the hope she gives to all of us. It will continue to inspire us to want to work toward something greater than ourselves.

Tori continues in our conversation to say that as women, we can have it all. “We can be a mother, we can be a wife, and we can be elite.”

We should never put any limitations on what we want and what we are capable of reaching. As we spoke about the youth of our sport and how important they are, she inspired me with these words:

“For the little black girl, no matter the circumstances, we are bigger and stronger than any limitation put on us. I want to be a hope and be a role model for them.”

Tori Tyson, thank you for sparking a positive change in our softball community and in this world.

Listen to our full conversation here to gain perspective, awareness, and knowledge. Together, we can start in our own circle to BE the change.

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