This Is Us.

In this past week, as a team we went through some unforeseen circumstances. We were spoken for and had our voices taken away from us, but ultimately we were brought closer together and have united as a group. Moving forward, we want to be able to bring awareness, empowerment, and unity to our softball community. We want all softball players to feel valued and we want to celebrate the differences that we all have.

If you know anything about softball, you know continuing to play after college is a big challenge. But it is also so much bigger than softball. It is about empowering young softball players to be true to themselves and not only play confidently, but live confidently. This group of women I have had the chance to play with this last week is truly special. They play confident, live confident, and have empowered me to do the same. We as a unit, have stood up for what we believe is right and we want to continue to do that.

As a female, as an athlete, and as a member of the LGBTQ community, I believe in equality. I believe in having your own voice and most importantly being heard. I believe every individual has the right to speak up for what they believe in. Above anything, I believe in being a good human. I am so proud to be a part of this group that stood up for equality and stood up for our voice to be heard.

I will always stand up for my own voice. I will stand up for what I believe is the right thing to do and I will stand with those people who want to do the same. This world is full of people who are different from one another and that is okay. That is what makes us so unique and so important to this world. But just because we might have different backgrounds, skin colors, sexualities, values, etc. doesn’t mean we can’t all be good humans. We can celebrate differences, educate each other on our values and beliefs, and support each other in the process.

I encourage all of us to continue to stand up for what we believe in, even when it’s hard. Continue to have tough conversations with people who are different than you. Fully open your mind and heart to LISTEN. Bring light to negative situations and voices. Help positive change by being the positive spark of light. YOU CAN CREATE THAT.

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We are all better when we UNITE TOGETHER.
This Is Us.

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