Work With Me
Mental Health
3 Session Series (45 Minutes Each)

• Information about Mental Health
• How it affects our sport performance and lives.
• Managing stress and anxiety
• Dealing with Failure
• Short term strategies
• Long term strategies

*In addition to each class, each player will receive an E-Book with extra resources, journal prompts, and videos.

1 General Zoom Session
1 Hour

Sign up for a single zoom session with me! You can sign up as an individual, a team, or a whole organization!

You can choose a topic of your choice or we can discuss what topic is the best fit!

Mentorship Program

• A 1:1 individualized program based on the needs and wants of the mentee to support their goals and accomplish their dreams. I will provide guidance and check-ins while building skills and confidence to be successful in sport and life.
• Flexible on scheduling: Weekly, Bi-Monthly, or monthly options.
• 30-45 minute sessions.

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